In the earlier part of the 20th Century, musicians in New Orleans created what we now know as Jazz music. 

Jazz musicians were very well known for smoking marijuana, which fuelled their musical stylings.

Thus marijuana joints became known as "Jazz Cigarettes"

You may have heard an elder relative or someone like Judd Ripley for example use the term to describe it thusly.

On a not so cute and folksy note, the worlds most famous narc, and all round asshole, Henry Anslinger, spouted  racist rhetoric and  sold an ourageous narrative  to the American people in the late 30s,  demonizing marijuana and the folks who smoked it.  He referred to Jazz as 

  "evil music" and the no-goodniks who played it should be kept a decent white persons arms-length away from your daughters.

Well, I dont know about any of that nonsense, but it has had far reaching, and long lasting serious consequences. 

If you are a lover of the dank herb, maybe this one is for you! 

"Jazz Cigarettes" is a 3 color linoprint. The first multicolor linoprint I have ever made, but surely wont be the last.

It was a lot of work. more than I imagined, but so fun and so satisfying to make. 

The print itself measures about 42 x 27 cm on Zerkall cotton paper 125gsm which measures about 53 x 38cm in total. 

It is water based archival quality ink on acid free paper. 

This is a first edition of 25 prints.

Each print is signed and numbered.


400 Danish Kroner is  approx. 62 U.S Dollars, 48 Pound Sterling, or 53 Euros depending on exchange rates. Price includes priority shipping.

Print is sold WITHOUT FRAME! Print is shown framed here for illustrative purposes only.




"Devils Lettuce"

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