"Rosemaya" is my beautiful wifes name :)

We have been together for 15 years, and she is my never ending source of love, friendship and inspiration.

This print is based on a design i drew and tattooed on her a couple of years ago. I see it every day, and I was compelled to modify it into a print. 

it is the first Japanese inspired theme I have introduced into my printmaking, as I have never been sure that my career as a predominantly Japanese Tattoo Artist would ever cross over into my print work.

Apparantly it has! 

The Japanese inscriptions are simply my Tattooing name I use in cartouches, and "kitsune" or Fox in Japanese. 

The print is a hand carved, hand burnished linoleum print using archival quality waterbased ink on Zerkall 125gsm cotton rag paper. 

It measures 76 x 53 cm

Print is sold without frame, frame is shown here for illustrative purposes only.

Free shipping worldwide. 


SKU: 2021 21-50