In the 60´s, professor Richard Alpert together with Timothy Leary, were pioneers in the field of the psychedelic experience and L.S.D. After his dismissal from Harvard, Alpert travelled to India, became a disciple of Maharaj- ji, and returned to the States with the new name of  "Ram Dass" , or " Servant of God"

Since that time he has become one of the most beloved spiritual teachers of our time, and continues today to spread his message of Loving Awareness.

In this print I try to portray the guru as a field of energy, radiating love, awareness and joy, and simultaneously try to recreate visually the psychedelic experience of seeing beyond the physical realm. It has a very unusual quality, being that the picture becomes clearer the further away you are from it! 

"The Guru" is an A3 sized print on 53 x 38cm Zerkall molded cotton 145gsm

Signed limited edition of 50 prints.

Print is sold WITHOUT frame! frame is for illustrative purposes only.

250 Danish kroner is 37 bucks, 33 euros, or 28 gbp. 

Price includes FREE worldwide shipping!

"The Guru"

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