"The Standoff" is a Japanese inspired theme print featuring the eagle (washi) and snake (hebi). 

These motifs have featured frequently in my tattoo work over the years in one form or another, and is a classic standard. I personally love this theme, because it really could go eaither way! 

Snakes are straight up eagle food, but at the same time, one well timed strike is going to be the end of that eagle!

I have tried to capture that moment, the tension, where in the next split second, one of them is going to triumph, but its impossible to say who comes out on top. 

This is a hand drawn, hand carved and burnished linoleum relief print, using water based archival ink on 125gsm woven cotton paper. 

The print is a2 sized, ( 42 cmx 60cm approx or 16.5 x 23.5 inches)  on paper which is 76 x 53 cm or 30x 21 inches approx.

"The Standoff" is a limited edition of 50 signed and numbered prints.

400 Danish Kroner is  approx. 62 U.S Dollars, 48 Pound Sterling, or 53 Euros depending on exchange rates. Price includes priority shipping.

Print is sold WITHOUT FRAME! Print is shown framed here for illustrative purposes only.



" The Standoff"

SKU: 2021- 19-50