"Tora" is Japanese for Tiger, but it was also the code signal the Japanese used when they attacked Pearl Harbour, to indicate a surprise attack! 

This is a classic rendition of a traditional Japanese backpiece tattoo composition, with the Tiger roaring on a rocky mountain with sun and bamboo.

I have tattooed a version of this image many many times over the years, but never with this unique "flame" pattern stripes.  Having said that, I would be happy to tattoo this image if someone has the space and is interested!

cartouches are simply my "hori" name, and character for "tiger"  the year of printing is  in there too :)

Print is monochrome, archival water based black ink on A2 sized on Zerkall cotton paper. 76 x 53 cm. (  30 x 21 inches) approx.

400 danish kroner is approx  62 U.S dollars, 48 Pound Sterling, or 53 Euros depending on exchange rate. Price includes priority shipping.

Signed and numbered edition of 50 prints.

Print is sold without frame,  shown framed here for illustrative purposes only. 

Free shipping worldwide.


SKU: 27-50-21